Don’t Look!!

My mom, Braedon and I ran Bay to Breakers on May 15, 2011 in San Francisco!

It was SO nice being able to wake up in Berkeley.  I just walked over to their hotel in the morning so that we could get our costumes on.  Then we went to Starbucks and BARTed our way into the city, right to the start line!

I felt pretty comfortable walking around dressed as a ladybug in Berkeley.  I almost felt like I belonged for the first time!!

When we got to the city we were pretty much right at the start line, and we knew because the ground was COVERED in tortillas?!  We didn’t really get it, but I guess it’s tradition!?

We got into the corral that was starting right when we got there, so we pretty much just started.  It was over an hour after the official start, so it felt kind of weird.  It started out with a lot of weird drunk people walking in the wrong direction.  We were all a little uncomfortable, so we picked up the pace and started some major ladybug swerving.


The race course was SO CROWDED!  There were parties everywhere, naked people, and vendors selling food and drinks along the course.  I feel like this is where I add a picture of the people selling jello shots, but I’m not really a blogger, so I don’t take pictures of random things, yet.

It was really fun to be there all dressed as the same thing.  A lot of people commented on our cute ladybug family, and I was so glad we had coordinated.  Of course, there were some people who didn’t wear costumes!  I definitely do not have a picture of the old men walking the race naked.  We tried to steer clear of them.  It was pretty gross!


I refuse to make this picture bigger because it is SO embarrassing, but it is a fun scene in Golden Gate Park.

The finish area went on forever with free stuff, photographer backgrounds, and all of the partying.  We went and got our race shirts and then headed over to the shuttle service with Bauer’s.  Braedon LOVED the bus.  We sat in the back in cush leather seats, and because we smelled really bad for some reason they didn’t fill the bus all the way, so we had like ten seats to ourselves in the back.


Bad picture, but this is Braedon in his happy place, which, of course, makes my mom just as happy when Braedon is happy!

I don’t think I would do Bay to Breakers again because it just honestly isn’t my scene, but I am so glad I did it once before I move away from the Bay.  I can cross it off the bucket list!  I suppose I might do it again if I get a corral spot in the front-ish with the rest of the runners.  Thanks mom and Braed for such a fun day in the city!

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