Happy National Running Day!

I thought it was National Running Day yesterday for some reason, so I was excited to hear I got to celebrate it twice!  oops. 

The Rock n’ Roll series is offering discounts on their uber expensive races today, but they are just so far in the future and I have NO IDEA what my life will be like at that time next year.  I really wanted to sign up for the Portland Half next May, but who knows if I will be able to travel then?!  I think I would rather plan to run the Eugene Marathon as usual, since it is also in May. 

I would love to run the Las Vegas race at night because we ran it last year and it was so FUG.  One of my classmates commented before the race that Las Vegas is like a dirty whore the morning after when you look at it during the day.  Too true.  Running back and forth on the strip was just not as entertaining as I had anticipated.  It was, however, a super fun trip with the girls!

Vegas rnr I went with (from left, after me) Maryanne, Kym, and my mom!  We had such a fun time going to all the fun restaurants, shopping, and staying in our awesome hotel room in the Venetian. 

I’ve also done the Seattle Rock n’ Roll half, which was really cool because the race starts in a suburb of Seattle and you run into the city.  There are beautiful parks and trails along the water with great views of the city that you are trying to get to.  The best part is that they close parts of the freeway for the race and runners seriously take over the road.  You go through a huge long tunnel which is pretty strange in terms of visibility and oxygen flow, but definitely an experience. 

I guess I’ll have to consider another one!  Happy day!  Off to celebrate with a nice nine mile run!


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