Sticking to the plan

This weekend I followed my plan to NOT follow the training plan when things get in the way.  The things that got in the way: my hamstrings!  NO!!!!

  June Training

As you can see, the training plan this weekend said 9 at pace and 19 for the long run.  First of all… wtf was I thinking when I wrote this plan down?!  I guess I’m ready for that mileage again, but I don’t feel it.  Saturday was my rainy day abbreviated run, so that was only 4.  Then Saturday night I worked at a wedding and probably climbed 30 flights of stairs with heavy trays of food.  Cross training?!  Finally, on Sunday I was so sore from catering.  I had planned to run 7 of my long run with my friend A.Jay who is training for the SF Half July 31st. 

Owwwy my tired body and my super ouchy hamstring.  I DO NOT want to repeat the painful sciatic nerve damage and pulled hamstring pain that I experiences training for the Disney marathon.  So instead of trying to crank out a long run today to make up for this weekend, I decided to just carry on with my schedule and go to yoga.  The X on the training plan means cross-training and I always go to yoga for these days.

Other Big News this Weekend!!!

Brendan and I went to get me a camera so that I can be a real blogger.  I guess he thought it was lame when I asked him to take a pic with my phone for the blog. 


Mine is purple!

I also got a surprise knock on the door today when I was napping!


For ME!!?


Do NOT look at my chins in this pic… I was very excited to get my…


CPA (certified public accountant) exam study materials!  Now I have something to do besides my sleep, eat, sleep, run, sleep routine!  I feel like such a nerd, but I am so excited to have something to work toward besides running.  It can’t be the ONLY thing on my schedule!  Here I come, Starbucks!


One Comment on “Sticking to the plan”

  1. Marni says:

    I know that you are still asleep. I wish that you would get up and do something, because I can’t wait to read about what you do next.

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