Water stops

When I go out for a long run I usually bring my water bottle.


It only holds 12 oz. which keeps it light, but also means I need to plan stops along my route to fill it up.  Not too hard.  I also love that it holds my keys, money, chapstick, etc.  I don’t really want to bring it out on runs longer than 12 miles because my arm will get tired and I will want to throw my expensive water bottle into the Bay.  Bad on so many levels.

So… when I go out for a longer run I plan stops along the route (usually every 4-5 miles) where I can buy a drink, water, or candy.  My favorite stop is Trader Joe’s because it is cheaper than convenience stores, has clean bathrooms, and has delicious gummy tummy candy!


This all goes really well when I am out for an afternoon run, but what about during a race!?  I would really like to say that it is easy during races because you can depend on the race organizers to provide an electrolyte drink and water, so you just have to bring your own Gu, candy, chomps, or whatever. But I tried that at the Eugene marathon.  I brought my own Sharkies and then had a plan to stop every 4 miles for Gatorade and water.  The problem is that I suck at drinking from those cups, I have to walk to get any fluids, it slows me down, they are always mixed differently AND I ended up super dehydrated by mile 20 anyway!

In my book that I am reading…


The author talks about her technique for drinking water at water stops.  She folds the paper cup right when she grabs it so that it is like drinking out of a milk carton, and then it is easier to drink while running.  WOAH!! I thought everyone either stopped and walked or choked and drooled like me.  Apparently not because when I Googled it, I found this Runner’s World forum about folding the cup OR carrying a big bendy straw (like the ones you would get as a kid at Red Robin or TGI Friday’s) and using it at each water station.  So intense!

I’m running the SF Marathon on July 31st, and I was planning to carry my water bottle, refill around mile 6, and then hand it off to Brendan at the half.  Then I was hoping I would go into the second half in better shape than before.  Now I am considering my options.

The book also recommends practicing grabbing cups of water in front of your house.  LOLOLOL!!! I’m pretty sure I would fit in perfectly in Berkeley if people saw me doing that.


2 Comments on “Water stops”

  1. Marni says:

    Too bad they don’t have diet Pepsi at the water stops

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