Holy Hills!

Yesterday I ran the Helvetia Half Marathon in Hillsboro, Oregon right outside of Portland.


Our matching outfits for this race were aqua and orange.  Even my shoes matched!  It was a beautiful morning with lightly overcast skies.  We started at Hillsboro Stadium, which was great because there is a lot of parking there and at the Intel offices.


We brought Braedon’s girlfriend, Ana, so that someone would be cheering for us!  She is so cute.  She was very excited to be there even though we picked her up at 6:15am and told her running digestion horror stories in the car!


My plan was to run with Braedon AND my mom, but Braedon took off at the start line without warning and I took off to try to find him.  What a disaster.  I ended up not catching up with Braedon AND not running with my mom and Maryanne.  I was especially bummed about that because I had planned to run with them and didn’t bring my ipod.  It is really hard to suddenly change plans when I have it in my head that I will be running with company vs. alone.

This course was super hilly.  It is definitely hillier than the San Francisco races I have done.  That’s saying something!  I was not ready for that.  I was also not prepared to run 8 min miles for the first three miles that I spent thinking I might find Braedon, so I was winded at the HUGE hill at mile 4.  No pictures from the course… too depressing.

I ate Sharkies at mile 6.  They kind of sucked because they got stuck in my braces too much and I did not appreciate the citrus flavor later in my run!  I walked quite a few times on some up hills and at water stops.  The volunteers were great.

I definitely raced this race, but I never got into a good rhythm.  I spent the entire race wanting to be done.  That sucks!  I knew I was going a little too slow by the end to break 2 hours, but I wasn’t too upset because there is no way you can compare this course to a flat course!


Speed demon Braedon set a PR of 1:47 (what a stud!) and Maryanne did, too (2:03:40)!  It was so great.  I finished in 2:01:39 which I think was GREAT for the course.  It was a lot better than where I thought I was headed going into the race, but it is about what I hoped for.

My mom and I had a GREAT race recovery day.  We showered, went out for lunch, went to the gym to sit in the hot tub, took a nap, and then got take-out thai food, came home, watched a movie, and enjoyed homemade peanut butter cookies with ice cream! WOO!


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