Pretty LAME-O

I have been pretty MIA lately, but I am here to confirm that this has just been a test (to see which readers are so dedicated that they will still look at my blog) and will not be a recurring pattern.  My test confirmed for me that I have 1.5 dedicated readers: my mom and Maryanne.  Maryanne is not a subscriber, so she gets .5 points. 

Ok the real reason for the lack of posts is that I didn’t know what to write about, I was pretty busy at home, and my running feels pretty LAME-O.  Here is what’s up in my life  lately today. 

I am home again with Brendan, who I missed very much.  He missed the way I fill the fridge while he is at work me, also.  I go home to a completely empty fridge and a crippled boyfriend who apparently can’t walk to the grocery store when he runs out of food.  He sprained his ankle!! oh no!! I feel really bad for him. I would take a picture of his foot, but it looks like he pooped on it because the bruise is so dark and big, and I am afraid you won’t believe me if I tell you it’s a bruise.  Instead I took a picture of these…


These are the fun Gerber Daisies he got me at the farmer’s market at Google yesterday.  We were celebrating 5 years and 2 months together.  Aren’t we LAME-O so cute!! I am pretty sure most people should stop celebrating the “month anniversaries” after a year or so.  But we are just so in love… lol…

In other news today… I am still in love with Starbucks!  Is that news?


But for REAL!! Did you know that if you register your Starbucks card and then lose it somewhere in a purse or dark closet you can just transfer the funds to one of your other registered Starbucks cards!! Hello!? BEST DAY EVER… I feel like I just found Starbucks money on the street…. muah haha.  Look at that caramel drizzle doing its thing… IT’S SO CARAMEL-Y!!!

Finally, for your daily dose of running…  I went out to run 10 this morning… by morning I mean that I meant to wake up in the morning to beat the heat, but I walked out the door at 11:30.  Prime skin burning time on the bay! WOOT!  I’m too smart.  So, I ran 4 because I am really committed to my training plan.  Oh shoot.  I ran 4 and I think it was a good choice because I have a hard training weekend coming up this weekend and it would have been stupid for me to try to make up for not running 10 earlier this week.  My next post will be about wtf I am going to do about this training plan that I am officially not following!! grr. 

And… here is a picture of me for good measure.


One Comment on “Pretty LAME-O”

  1. Marni says:

    I was wondering what happened to you…so glad you are back!!

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