TOO honest

Sometimes I think pictures are just a load of crap.  Everyone on the family vacation is fighting and yelling until the camera comes out and then… “CHEESE!  We are so happy!”  You show friends your vacation pictures and they say how fun your trip looked and you agree, “it was fun, wasn’t it…”

That’s why there is something oh so refreshing about race pictures…


No, I actually didn’t like the gravel road, I don’t have good running arm posture, I don’t smile the whole time I am running, and my shirt did not get along very well with my running belt during the race.  I was really uncomfortable.  Thank you, Helvetia photographer, for capturing that moment so honestly. 


Or how about this one?  It is true. I have a pretty bad heel-strike problem.  I don’t lift my legs very high off the ground, and yes, I had a lot of problems with my race belt… we know! 


Even when I know the cameraman is there snapping pictures, I still can’t keep my eyes off the ground.  I know, my cross country coaches told me to keep my eyes up, but I blame them for all of the times I have tripped over a pebble while running!  And yep, I am still a heel-striking runner!  The other wonderful honest thing about race photos?  I stole them from the website and everyone knows it! 

There is something so honest about race photos.  They just don’t lie and I can’t convince them to.  I go into every race planning to smile big and run with high knees for the camera, and I fail miserably every time.  They are always heinous. 

I suppose the honesty works to some peoples’ advantage…

Braed finish line

Yep, Braedon floats when he runs, and he can’t hide it from them either. Sad.


What a jerk. 


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