Saturdays in Berkeley

One of the things I will really miss about Berkeley is how close our apartment is to the Saturday Farmer’s Market.  I have always loved produce and flower markets.  I love pictures of them, I love planning meals based on their selection and I love going to new ones everywhere I travel.  My favorites are the Seattle Pike Place Market, the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market and the many permanent fresh markets I visited while living abroad in Spain (Barcelona had some of my absolute favorites). 

I LOVE living in California because we always have big ripe berries before the grocery stores do, and before all of the food blogs go crazy with berry recipes.  It makes it feel like a little secret… the strawberries are here!! sshhhh…


I got a little excited when the blueberries appeared this weekend!! DSCN0061

And the peach sampling stations… Brendan’s favorite!  He can never decide which peaches he should buy… so he has to make a very thoughtful face the whole time…


So I reminded him: we never buy any peaches here.  They are WAY too expensive in Berkeley, and you have already tried that one twice!  I have proof on my camera!


These bags of lettuce with edible flowers have been my favorite since we moved here four years ago.  I have tons of pictures of them on my phone because I need to remember to have gorgeous things like this in my life… and at my wedding! 


Summer squash=gorgeous. 


My exception to the “we don’t shop at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market” rule!


The Berkeley hippies give me the stink eye when I walk through with my Starbucks cup, but I’ve gotten used to it now.  I still haven’t learned how to pose for a picture without doing something SUPER AWKWARD with my arm…

It was a beautiful day today in the bay!  I went for a 10 mile run around noon just so I could add to my Garmin tan line, sock tan line, and running shorts tan line.  They just make me feel so much more legit!  I did wear sunscreen on my face and a hat.  Red noses make me feel less legit for some reason. 


I have my stuff set out for an early morning long run tomorrow.  I am meeting A. Jay for the first 8 miles at 8am.  Then I will be off to run 10 more!  This run will decide whether or not I recommit to the full or half for July 31st.  I want to be fully prepared….


One Comment on “Saturdays in Berkeley”

  1. Marni says:

    Cute thoughtful face. The farmer’s market was beautiful. I hope you have an amazing 18 miles.

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