My hood

FYI- I realized that ‘hood was short for neighborhood within the last year. 

Yep, I’m a very intelligent “gang-ster”

These are the kinds of things you learn when you go to college. 

image   Graduation!

But for real… since I always knew that “hood” indeed referred to “the area in which I live”… here are some shots along my favorite running route in Berkeley. 


I run by this open field/cute brick building around mile 1 on my way to the bay.  I was surprised when I got there to take this picture because I wouldn’t consider it to be a dog park, but it sure was when I took this!  Totally reminded me of Jamie and Sadie from PBFingers.  I feel like she is always blogging about her adventures in the dog park, so I was excited to be so unoriginal blog-trendy. 


I generally run the same way to the bay on a lot of my runs because that street comes out at this super convenient pedestrian bridge to cross over the freeway.


On the other side of the pedestrian bridge I run on trails along the water.  The Golden Gate Bridge is just a short swim away!  It is actually a lot closer than it looks from a camera shot.  First time I wished I could run with my huge lens. 


… and San Francisco, of course… not too foggy.  The path I run on sometimes is really well-paved and straight, which is great because I can rarely take my eyes off of the view.  There are seagulls, waves, rocks, bridges and famous cities to be seen.  No time to watch the trail in front of me…


Until I get to Cesar Chavez park.  If I don’t watch where I’m going… let’s just say I came very close to being eaten by a snake when I ran here with my mom, and the squirrels are always pretending like they are dead and then jumping out onto the path at the last minute.  wtf… why do I run here? 


Oh yeah… because it is SUPER BOMB that I can just run 2 miles from my apartment straight down to the OCEAN where there are paths galore perfect for running.  I know I complain about the wind to Brendan every time I get home from a run on the bay, but I really do love it so much down here!


One Comment on “My hood”

  1. Marni says:

    If you say so…I guess it nearly ate you

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