Who am I?

Something weird is going on… after my 18 MILES yesterday woohoo… I had a pretty weird day. 

I got home super tired and hungry and disgusting, as usual.  I ate a wonderful yogurt bowl as I sat in the shower, letting the water massage  my legs, as usual.  Then I had lunch, read blogs, and took a nap… all normal-ish.  The thing that upset me was how dead I felt before, during and after my nap.  I felt like my run had just fully punched me in the face.  I suppose I deserve that after pretending like I didn’t need to train for the upcoming marathon for a month. 

I went outside to start the laundry and I left MY KEYS in the laundry room… the laundry room that locks automatically.  Yep, I stood outside for 40 minutes waiting for someone to enter or exit the apartment building.  I felt so annoyed.  All I could think about was how thirsty I was and how bad I needed chapstick.  Oh how I didn’t appreciate the things I had in my apartment until I couldn’t have them…

Finally someone let me in. 

After dinner last night I was super tired AGAIN!  My body was not loving my decision to train for the marathon.  I can’t remember if I always feel like this after long runs, or if it gets better with time. 

Today I feel quite a bit better, but I was reminded of my carelessness when…

I was sitting in a chair at the dining table, reading something on my computer… normal. 

Then I just suddenly slid over to my right.  I had been sitting on top of my right leg, which was bent under my butt.  I just kept sliding and sliding, my leg got caught on the other side of the chair, and then I fell right over onto the floor.  Hard.  It hurt and I was scared, but mostly I just laid there thinking wtf just happened.  The funniest thing is that for some reason I looked out the window to see if anyone had seen/heard me.  omg You THINK people care what you’re doing…

So, now I am considering whether or not the run caused permanent brain damage.  Seriously… Brendan thought my jokes were bad last night, but I wish that was my only problem right now.

Do long runs mess everyone up?

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