I Scream for Ici!

Last night Brendan and I ventured out past Yogurtland for a special treat that we like to have too often for my non-existent income every few weeks.  We went to the super famous, super popular, super Berkeley, super lovely…. Ici! 


Ici (ee-see) was opened in 2006 by a pastry chef from Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse.  They make small batches of ice cream right there in the store every day using local dairy and seasonal ingredients.  The flavors range from the simple-but-delightful vanilla to the lovely balsamic caramel swirl.  Last night Brendan got orange-rosemary toffee.  Intrigued? 

The people in Berkeley are.  Lines can get pretty long on a nice summer evening, but it is worth the wait, and it is always pretty pleasant because it is in a fun little shopping area away from the grunge of Berkeley. 


We probably waited for about 30 minutes last night, but it was fun.  I left for a bit to window shop next door at Lululemon, but you stay pretty occupied in line because soon after you get there a list of the flavors is passed down the line.  Then, one of the employees comes by to ask which flavors you would like to try…  You can try 2-3.  Don’t be a douche and ask for more. 


Then they come right back out with the flavors you wanted to try!!  I ALWAYS try 3.  Last night I tried coffee, rice pudding and banana split, but I ended up getting toasted coconut because they added it when they ran out of one of the other flavors. 


This is the super cute chalk board that they post on the tree out front with the daily flavors.  SO CUTE…

This ice cream place is not just “good for Berkeley” either.  It was featured in Gourmet’s “Eight great ice cream parlors in and around San Francisco”  as well as Travel+Leisure’s “America’s Best Ice Cream Shops”.  This is legit.

I stopped taking pictures once we got close because I am not a real blogger yet and I sometimes get too excited when I get close to the ice cream… sorry!  Check out the website though because they have lots of info, pictures of the store and the ice cream, and more reviews.  

This is a must-do when in Berkeley or the Bay. 

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