We did a lot of… eating?!

This post is gonna be a winner.  FULL of everything Brendan (who would prefer to be called “Mr. Sexy” on the blog) and I did this weekend. 

Friday night was quite the start because… Brendan got his new computer!DSCN0111

Which quickly (instantaneously) replaced me as his best friend.  Sad smile


Apparently, it is SUPER COOL and even has a B on it.  B for Brendan… duh…


I started to feel pretty lonely without all of Brendan’s attention, so I put on 2 pairs of PJ pants, stole Brendan’s sticker and showed off my muscles!

Saturday was another wonderful trip to the Berkeley farmer’s market. 

DSCN0114                  DSCN0115



This Saturday had a very summery feel!  Then Brendan went back to his girlfriend, so I withdrew to my other true love… running!


I french braided my hair for this run because I am getting SO TIRED of my heavy ratty pony tail weighing me down.  I also used a sweaty band to hide my slightly-out-of-practice braiding abilities!  My 5 mile run was oookay.  I hadn’t really planned to run right in the middle of the day, and it felt kinda sluggish, but I went on a less familiar route that took me up some bigger hills. 

Brendan stopped loving his computer quite so much today (Sunday), so we headed down to the trendy 4th Street area in Berkeley.   DSCN0123

We stopped for chips and guac and a fresh sparkling limeade!  yummmmo!


I asked Brendan twice to make sure my legs weren’t in the shot.  cool.  This guac was awesome.  We were discussing the fact that we have literally never felt like we needed to be putting MORE guacamole on each chip in order to use all of it.  We didn’t even need to fight over who was taking dips that were too big! 


Next stop was my FAVORITE ice cream place ever.  It is this local chocolate company that makes truffles, cookies, and ice cream.  They only ever have 4 flavors at the store, but OMG!  My first trip to Chocolatier Blue, I got a scoop of caramel ice cream in a chocolate chip cookie cup (literally a fresh chocolate chip cookie placed in a cup so that it cools in the shape of the cup).  I was really craving that salty caramel today, but they didn’t have it.  Instead, they had coffee flavor, which was super flavorful and salty, as well.  I can’t explain the unique salty texture of their ice cream, but it is AMAZING. 

The rest of our day was spent lounging around until we went out for Thai food for dinner!  lol. 

Today was supposed to be a 20 mile run on my training schedule, but I decided to switch with tomorrow, so that I could spend the day with Brendan.  It takes me a good 4 hours to do a 20 mile training run, and then I don’t REALLY like to do very much after.  So… see you tomorrow 20 miler! 

Hope everyone (hi mom!) had a great weekend…


3 Comments on “We did a lot of… eating?!”

  1. Maryanne Garvie-Loveland says:

    I love your blog!!! Can’t wait for you to come home!

  2. […] so we got together for ice cream and chit chat.  I drove her down to 4th street for some Chocolatier Blue ice cream, of course!  When we were shopping around in Anthropologie, Hilary randomly turned […]

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