Love/hate with Nike Running

I LOVE Nike.  Sometimes as I get dressed for a run I think about the fact that I look like I’m sponsored by Nike… but I pay them!  (or my mom does)



My love for Nike didn’t happen overnight.  Rather, I think it is a result of tons of smaller influences that Nike marketing strategies have had on my life. 

1. My first real soccer team’s uniform was all Nike, so I had to buy Nike stuff to match it, and I got used to the feel and fit of the Nike products.  Soccer socks vary a LOT by brand, and it is so annoying to have your shoe fit differently.  Plus, Mia Hamm was wearing Nike.  

2. Oregon=Nike.  Visiting the Nike campus (athlete heaven) and the 50% off everything employee store would make you want to work at Nike, too.  Plus, you end up with a lot of Nike stuff when it is 50% off! 

3.  Nike products are super fun, colorful and edgy, but they are also really consistent.  There is no way I am going to buy and wear some mystery shorts for a race, but I will buy a new pair of the shorts I already have… in a new color!  The small changes in product design either seriously annoy me or send me head over heels thinking the designers are geniuses. 

Ex.  Tempo shorts… a look at their recent history and evolution.

-Addition of little fabric flap over inner pocket so that your keys don’t fall out! +

-Recent change positioning inner pocket in back rather than in front so that my keys clink-clink on my rear the whole run?  WTF        

It is only recently that I started to wear Nike shoes.  I went through a lot of hip/foot problems with lots of other shoes until I found the Lunarglide+.  Actually, I only tried them on because my mom owned a pair for wearing to the gym (not running), but I didn’t want to wear my running shoes in the pouring rain on a short run the day before a long run.  I tried them and… I loved them! 

Now I still wear my babies (stolen from my mom) every few weeks, but they are pretty beat up from marathon training, and no longer available in stores OR online.  I don’t really like the lunarglide 2.  I have weird foot pains sometimes and shin splints more than ever.  Curse you, Nike… until today, when I got this email…

Introducing the Nike LunarGlide+ 3

To be continued…

2 Comments on “Love/hate with Nike Running”

  1. Ashley says:

    I looove Nike clothes but I can’t run in the shoes..they give me shin splints 😦

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