Taco night at Maryanne’s

After my mom picked me up from the airport yesterday, we went and got pedicures!  I am so ticklish, it is ridiculous.  I can NOT relax.

After that we headed over to Maryanne’s house for a taco and margarita party!  Perfectly wheat-free!  Plus, look who we picked up on the way…


Maryanne has the cutest house and such a gorgeous Portland backyard with huge trees and a wonderful raised bed garden. 


For some reason I just really love raised bed gardens.  Her husband made them!

Kym tried to take pictures for the blog…


Apparently, my mom wasn’t ready, and Kym wasn’t waiting any longer…


Nope, still not looking.


Success!  Me and my mom.

Things were pretty tame, until Maryanne brought Sexy Rex out of his room.  FYI-Sexy Rex accompanied us to the Eugene Marathon


Sexy Rex is a hamster that sings the “I’m too sexy for my shirt…” song.  Maryanne is really good at imitating the routine, and if you ask her how it goes she will sing the whole song (dance included) no matter where she is. 


That’s when things got a little crazy…


He loves me!


Just in case you were wondering if I had braces on the bottom…

Today we are picking up our race packets for the Sauvie Island Half Marathon!  We are also going shopping for our 4th of July race outfits… yay!


One Comment on “Taco night at Maryanne’s”

  1. Maryanne says:

    Sexy Rex says, “I’m too sexy for my running skirt, so sexy it hurts!”

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