PRs were had by… many!

Today was 4th year running the Sauvie Island Half Marathon in Oregon!  It has become a major 4th of July tradition for our friends and family, and it is reason #43 that I love the 4th of July more than any other day of the year!  I have so many. 

This year was especially fun because we prepped by going shopping for matching holiday attire at Dick’s AND at the party store.


It would be your favorite holiday, too if you had this little hat to try on!

We all piled into the car this morning at 5:30am and headed out for pre-race coffees.  I had a caramel latte before my last half marathon at Helvetia, but this time it gave me a serious case of the shakes, which made me nervous about how that would turn out during the race. 


The race started out fine… I suppose.  I was really surprised by how windy the course was.  It was almost as windy as running on the bay!  I was completely worried about the race when I got to mile 3 and I couldn’t get my splits under 8:55-ish.  I’ve headed out in most of my more recent races with an 8:30 pace.  I couldn’t get over how worried I was about that.  That is when I started to really wish Braedon was there to carry me through the first 5 miles.  I’m always just cracking up with him for at least the first 3 miles while we hit 8:20s without trying.  Oh well… I tried to keep my thoughts as positive as possible, but I wasn’t really succeeding. 

I ran with Hannah, my friend from high school who is pretty speedy, for the first 6 miles.  I stopped at mile 6 to eat some Chomps, but I never really started back up after that.  I caught up to my mom and Maryanne, who were a little ahead going out of the water stop, but as soon as I caught them I had a mental crash with “I can’t keep up with them… this is too hard” thoughts overwhelming me, and I stopped to walk. 

While I was walking I noticed how NOT tired I was, and I just couldn’t understand why I was even walking.  I reminded myself that the race clock was not an all-or-nothing gauge.  Staying consistent at a pace that felt comfortable was a much better option.  I ran pretty consistent 9:30s after that.  At mile 9 or 10 they had Otter Pops, and I was stoked.  I didn’t even think about saying no to one of those bright blue tubes of goodness.  It slowed me down by quite a bit that mile because those things are kid/disgruntled runner proof.  If you give a runner an otter pop… they are going to want scissors too.  Hello!? 

I tried pushing it again at mile 11, and I had a pretty strong last 2 miles.  I broke 9 min for my last mile.  I finally came in at 2:00:38, a few minutes over my PR.

Yay for matching outfits.  What am I going to wear for races in Boston!??DSCN0167

Hannah, me, Mom, MaryanneDSCN0168

Brendan had a great race! PR: 1:43!DSCN0170

The best part was being there for the excitement of my mom’s and Maryanne’s race.  My mom set a goal and seriously went after it!! She ran a PR under 1:57 and Maryanne broke 2 hours for the first time!! Yep, that’s two major PRs in a row for Maryanne.  She PR’d by about 7 minutes at Helvetia, and then took about 7 MORE minutes off of her time today!! WOW! 

I recommend Sauvie Island for anybody that likes flat courses.  It’s fun because it’s on the 4th, on BEAUTIFUL green farmland, organized by hot firemen and fresh strawberry shortcake is served at the end.  But… I have never had a good race at Sauvie Island.  It doesn’t really give me much race vibe/energy, which I really LOVE at most races.  What a great start to a great holiday!

2 Comments on “PRs were had by… many!”

  1. Marni says:

    Thanks for a great race pep talk Kaetlin. You’re the best! I never feel better than I do on the day of a race with my family and friends.

  2. Maryanne says:

    I had a blast and I am so proud of your mom! I always have so much fun with you guys. Sexy Rex says, “I’m sexier than the firemen”

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