Recipe for good race pictures

For some reason I had quite a bit more success than usual with the photographers at Sauvie Island.  I’ve written before about the brutal honesty of race day photography, so maybe they decided to go easier on me this time?

Here are the things I think lead to better pictures:

1. Don’t try to PR after months of on-off injury and rest.  You might have a great race and surprise everyone with your awesome PR, but you also might end up looking uncomfortable.b2

2. Go shopping with your best friends to find flattering matching outfits.  If you think you look picture worthy, you might end up really looking picture worthy!mom1

3. Photo bomb someone else’s picture.  It always makes for a fun shot!2

4. Do something interesting.  Smile, peace sign, arms up, jumping, whatever.  The more you look like you’re posing, the more shots the photographers will take.

3      4

5. Pass someone at the finish!  The before-after on the other person’s face will be worth the shots for the photographer.

5      6

6. Look up a little so you don’t have 4000 chins.


7.  When all else fails, find a photographer after the race and make them take a ridiculous number of pictures of you with all of your friends.


Please ignore this girl who tried the photo bomb strategy on MY picture!! grrrmglky


8. My best tip?! Go to races in beautiful places on beautiful days with all of your favorite people who make you feel fun and gorgeous. 

P.S. Sucking in helps, too! lol I don’t think I really had to point that one out. 


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