The beautiful days of July

I LOVE Portland, summer, sun, friends, and JULY!!! We got to celebrate the “4th of July” this weekend because Braedon and Heylee came home for their birthday party! 

Braedon and I spent the day together on Friday doing a little shopping.





What? Isn’t this what everyone does when they have the day off in the summer?  I swear Braedon and I can’t go a day together without spending at least 3o minutes trying stupid stuff on. 

Today we started the day off with a 3 mile run and a trip to the farmer’s market in Beaverton…


I finally found the perfect sign for my bedroom or office or house… or I could just wear it like a sandwich board. 


Apparently they specialize in super cute signs.  And I LOVE super cute signs!!!


Finally we had the birthday party!!! Heylee and Braedon celebrated their 22nd and 14th birthdays, respectively.  And they blew out the candles on the tres leches cake I made.  It was YUM!  I got the recipe from the the pioneer woman.  Definitely a keeper.  Plus, we served it with fresh raspberries from the market and chopped mangoes… GREAT DAY! 

PS… my brother passed another landmark on his journey to become a SERIOUS Portland hipster with this single speed bike from Urban Outfitters. 



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