Speaking of places to work…

Braedon and I met Emily for lunch yesterday at Café Yumm, and she just happened to casually invite us to pretend to be her kids at the Nike Employee Store!!! What!!?? Really!? This is like an event that I should have prepared for.  Emily is only 9 years older than me, but she just walked in like she owned the place and said that she was bringing her kids in with her!  lol  FYI Emily is a tiny blonde innocent religious super good girl.  The guy just stopped making eye contact with any of us after she said that, and in we went!


Dear Nike, some day in the future you will let me into this store without question.  Thanks.


Well… guess what I snagged half price!?


No.  I am not in pain.  I am not crying.  I am not barfing.  I was trying to impersonate Vector from Despicable Me saying “Oh Yeah!” Fail…

The Oh yeah was for my new shoes!!!


LUNARGLIDE + 3!!! Yes… 3!  So far, I love them.  That was after 5 miles in the weird humidity we had today in Portland.

Braed tried to explain to me how dumb I looked in the picture…

Braed LG2

Unfortunately, I didn’t believe him until I just uploaded the pic onto my blog.

My mom was having nothing to do with us…


I had a fun day with these lovely people, but it is now time for me to head on home to this lovely man…


He is a QT!!! and I miss him lots… How could you not!!??  I’m flying to the Bay from Portland for the last time in the foreseeable future… CRAZY!


2 Comments on “Speaking of places to work…”

  1. stephanie says:

    shoes for HALF off?! Can she pretend to be my mom?!

    Love the Despicable Me reference (and the goofy faces) 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I know!! Everything at the employee store is 50% off. We usually get a little out of control. I need new shoes and clothes for every season as soon as I walk in.

      I love despicable me A LOT all of a sudden. My mom and I bought it for my brother, but then we keep watching it without him, or he falls asleep. We try to bust out Gru’s lines throughout the day! lol

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