Getting real.

Big things are starting to get super real around here!  I am kind of freaking out.

1. I called NASBA (accounting people) today to calmly ask where the F my payment coupon was that I was supposed to get 2 weeks ago!!??

The response: Oh hello, Ms. Kaetlin.  I will send that again for you and it should arrive in the next 48 hours. 

Oh.  Thanks…. 

If there is one thing you get from going to Cal it is an appreciation for good customer service because it sucks so bad at Cal.  BUT… don’t pull that “we’ll send it again” crap on me.  Gmail doesn’t lie. 

So, I got the payment coupon like 2 hours later and promptly went online to pay my entire credit card limit to take the CPA exams.  Cool! The firm will pay me back… after I pass all of the exams.  hmm… that will probably be after my credit card bill is due.  Just sayin’

2. I bought garbage bags today, and went through 1/4 of my clothes for Goodwill donations.  I need to get rid of stuff, so I can fit it in the Honda road trip mobile. 

3. Brendan and I bought almost all of the hotel nights last night for our road trip!  We are thinking about camping for two nights in Yellowstone because it is SOOOO expensive to stay in a hotel near the park.  You know what that means?  We have to fit a tent and sleeping bags in the car.  Throw out more of Brendan’s stuff!!


Ok… so three things just got super real… CRAZY!  I think I need a good run.


2 Comments on “Getting real.”

  1. stephanie says:

    good luck on your CPA exam!! and have fun on your road trip!! Yellowstone is amazing!! you will have a blast!

    I love that you are sacrificing his stuff for the sleeping bag space 😉

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