Moving update and “Yumm”y new product

Brendan and I have decided to go camping in Yellowstone for two nights during our road trip, so we need to buy a tent!  We are looking into buying a TINY small light tent from one of Brendan’s coworkers, and she let us try it out last night before committing to the big purchase! 


Things got a little crazy in the kitchen last night when we were trying to get the poles to go in the right places without seriously damaging our apartment.  Once we got in we knew that it was just barely big enough.  Brendan said his only concern was how often I was planning to shower because it was a small space that would get stinky quickly. 


How can someone SO CUTE be soooooo rude!!?  Of course I will shower… once a week.  I’m actually not sure if we decided to buy it.  We obviously have really good communication. 

In other news…

Trader Joe’s has a new AWESOME product!!  Is that news?  Oh well, let me tell you about it anyways…


Hummus salad dressing!  We had it the other night as our dressing on our caesar salad and it was a little odd, but good.  Brendan liked it which is a miracle because he hates most salad dressings.  It really does taste a lot like hummus, but thinner and a tiny bit tangy.  SO… I know you are wondering… and YES, it does taste a LOT like YUMM sauce!  Woohoo…  Now I don’t have to go buy nutritional yeast and almonds to make the Yumm sauce.  It doesn’t have all of the same ingredients, but it does do the trick.  I had it today for lunch over a big veggie, white bean, salsa, rice medley. 

I apologize in advance if your TJ’s isn’t carrying the hummus dressing yet.

So then I HAD to use it for dinner:

Hummus dressing “Yumm”-y bowls


In the mix: brown rice, black beans, sweet potatoes, fresh corn, diced red pepper, butter lettuce, salsa AND TJ’s hummus salad dressing! 

Try it.  Now.  Please note that these fabulous ingredients would have even been good without the hummus dressing.  I know… treason. 


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