Longest run in SO LONG!

Today started out like most wonderful Saturdays in Berkeley with Brendan!  We woke up late, casually got ready and then headed out to the farmer’s market across the street.


How wonderfully FUN is this arrangement?! It almost made me want to make hot pink part of my wedding palette.  But not quite. 

Of course our walk through the farmer’s market ended at Starbucks, as usual.  The barista asked me if I wanted my usual, but I decided to switch it up with a caramel Frappuccino light because my throat has been feeling itchy and I thought that would feel better!  Then we came home and I hung out with Becker.  My CPA exam is on Tuesday!  OMG OMG OMG.  I’m freaking out, but I’m sure I will be talking about that more on Monday, so I’ll spare you for now. 

Brendan is so sweet and said yes to going on a run with me in the middle of the day in July!  Crazy.  We ran 8 miles on the bay.  It was TOO sunny and hot, but the wind made it tolerable.  It also made my running skirt fly up in the air during the WHOLE run.  Great…


We ran the first 6 miles together at about a 9:30 pace and then when I was really dying I made Brendan go ahead so I could slow it down to a 10:30 for the last 2 miles.  I’ll make no excuses for that one.  I just haven’t been running that long that fast lately, and I got all mental/I can’t do this/crazy.  But I was so happy to have run that far and so glad Brendan came!!  SF Half Marathon next weekend!!

Since Brendan was so sweet and came on that run with me, I decided to let him take me out on a date!  We went out for Thai food for dinner and then to the movies to see Super 8.  I HIGHLY recommend this movie.  It is so funny and so cute.  I laughed out loud several times.  Plus, check out these awesome leather seats the theater had…


I felt a little excited about the chairs, but I was mostly getting super pumped because I brought THREE boxes of sour candies into the movies.  My favorite part of going to the movies. 

What a great start to the weekend.  Hope you’re doing something fun, too! 

Do you sneak anything into the movies when you go?

Brendan and I only eat Sour Patch Kids when we go to the movies, so we get really excited about bringing the candy in.  Sometimes I bring drinks. 


One Comment on “Longest run in SO LONG!”

  1. Marni says:

    I brought a diet Pepsi in my Mary Poppins bag. Probably could have brought an entire picnic in that crazy purse. It is just like Hermione’s bag

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