Great friends.

Maryanne, my mom and Braedon ran the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon this morning in Camas, Washington.  It has become somewhat of a tradition for them to run this race as a celebration for my mom’s birthday, which is this weekend!  This year they also met with friends for brunch at a cute place in Portland after the race. 

I have never run this race, but they make it sound like a pretty hard, but beautiful course.  It is hilly and hot, not a PR race, but a good race to dedicate to friendship and a love for running. 

Maryanne sent me some pictures from today because…

she feels famous when I talk about her on my blog

she wanted me to be jealous of all the fun I missed out on

she wanted me to dedicate this post to my mom for her bday

well… I’m not really sure why she sent them to me.  She just sent a blank email with these super cute pics!  jk, Maryanne!  Thanks for the emails!


My mom, Braedon, Maryanne

Now, in all seriousness… how awesome are my mom’s friends (including Maryanne)!?  What a fun way to celebrate your birthday!  My mom’s other friend, Emily, texted me a few weeks ago to see if I could steal all of my mom’s old race shirts that she doesn’t wear so that she could make them into a t-shirt quilt.  We were a little unsure about which shirts I should steal, and whether or not my mom would mind, but I think it all worked out.  I stole them from her closet and avoided any that I thought would fit well, and I didn’t take any from the laundry.  She didn’t even notice when I took an entire stack of t-shirts from her closet.  What!??

Well, it turned out super cute, and she was completely surprised.  Yay!  I love surprises so much.  This is such a fun way to keep and remember race shirts that you will never wear. 

Running quilt

Jeeeeez… Not to mention how cute my mom and Braed look! 

If you are going to run a race that you know is super challenging, do you decide to just have a fun race, or do you try to take it head on? 

Do you have PRs for different geographic areas or course types (hilly PR and flat course PR)? 


2 Comments on “Great friends.”

  1. Marni says:


  2. Maryanne says:

    Best blog ever! Missed you today.

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