Happy Birthday, Mom!!


You know your mom is the best in the whole world when…

she commits to spending her whole birthday day driving the car she is gifting to you, so that you don’t have to drive alone. 

Yep, we are hitting the road soon (me, mom, and Braedon) heading for the bay!  Luckily, Braedon and I planned ahead and set up her gift yesterday while she was at work!  She came home to this…



We printed a bunch of pictures of my mom running with us and with her friends.  Then we bought super fun frames from Target and an over-the-door hanger device for her medals.  We created this little corner of running in the spare room upstairs.  I have to admit, it is pretty cute… and really motivating, even if you only stand there for a sec.  It just makes running look so fun! 

My favorite picture that we framed was this one…


from somewhere along the course of the Eugene Marathon 2011.  Makes you want to run a marathon with friends, doesn’t it?! 

Happy birthday, mom!! You’re the best.  I hope this road trip is fun…


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