SF Marathon Expo Day!

It has been a crazy busy few days with my mom and Braedon in town for the race, and we didn’t have internet at the hotel in the city.  I’m a little behind on some posts I want to write, but here is a look at the day we spent in the city before the race. 

We started the day  out with a fancy breakfast in The Grand Café in the Hotel Monaco. 


I told my mom I think she should use this picture on dating websites.  How pretty does she look!? 


I guess this picture probably won’t work for my dating profile!

Next we headed over to the expo, which was pretty far away, but we thought it would be a nice walk.  Well, it was super hot out, and the walk got pretty dreadful pretty quickly. 


The expo was packed, but it was also pretty well organized, especially considering the variety of events people could register for.  Every event was sold out.  They had a sweaty bands stand that was super popular, but we opted for the BIC bands that were $6 cheaper.  I can’t believe how expensive sweaty bands are!? 


We decided to take the free shuttle back to the Embarcadero, which was much closer to our hotel.  They had enough shuttles running, so we didn’t have to wait for more than a couple minutes. 


We spent the rest of the day walking around SF and then shopping for our race outfits.  It was a super fun day in the city. 



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