Running Medals

Last week Braedon and I spent at least a couple of hours in Target planning out the birthday present we were preparing for my mom.  We wanted to display her race medals and some running pictures in the spare room upstairs, so that she could have an area devoted to her running accomplishments.  I was planning to buy some kind of cute wall-hanging coat rack, but we couldn’t find one that we thought would be cute enough, so we got an over-the-door rack and hid it under a shelf, so that the medals are mostly just hanging.  It did the trick. 


I imagined it would be a temporary display because she might want to actually use all of those shelves and it wasn’t super sturdy.  Mostly though, it just wasn’t exactly what I had wanted the present to be.  But I couldn’t find the thing I had in my mind… until today.  I was doing some catching up on my blog reading today after my mom and Braedon left for Portland, and I came across this post on Carrots n’ Cake on race medal displays.  What!? 

She found these super cute race medal hangers on Etsy, and I absolutely adore them.  They are just what I was looking for.  Now it’s too late and I can’t force it upon my mom, but maybe she will like it too! 




How cool are those!?  I think it is just a really clean look for something that can just be such a scattered mess sometimes.  Plus, who doesn’t want to have a place to sit back and think about all those inspiring memories?!


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