Too much thinking

I have been consumed by my own thoughts for the last few days and unable to write a post.  I’ve thought of a few posts, but then overthought them.  I think I am just completely overwhelmed with the big move coming up, my next CPA exam, and my start-date for my first big kid job quickly approaching.

I am also consumed by my thoughts about my family and what it means to be leaving the West coast.  You would be thinking about this little love bug non-stop, too if he left all of these pictures on your camera. 


What? You don’t put on huge coats and pretend to float away in Nordstrom!


Being a hipster in the Mission


Eating DELISH ice cream at Bi-Rite!


I don’t live with them, but it is a lot easier to visit Oregon from California than it will be to visit from Massachusetts. 

I want to keep the blog as upbeat as possible, but this is literally eating at my thoughts right now, and it would be dishonest to say that I was really thinking about anything else. 

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