A morning runner?

Remember yesterday when I said I wanted to get in a few miles in the morning?  Well… I got up at 5:30am!  What!!!! 

Really, I shouldn’t get all the credit; I wasn’t actually that motivated or pumped about getting up to go running.  First, I made the mistake of having my $2 treat receipt Frappuccino right before bed.  Then Brendan’s mom arrived super late to come stay in our apartment.  I ended up sleeping horribly all night, so I was dying to get out of bed this morning.  At 5am I googled what time the sun would rise and which Berkeley coffee shop would open the earliest.  So I headed to Peet’s for a pre-run hot chocolate, and then I was off for my morning run on the bay. 

I LOVE the morning.  I hate waking up, but once I’m up I am always in love with the way the world feels while the sun is rising.  The people who are up are so friendly; they ALL say good morning to each other.  I walked to the coffee shop in the dark, and it felt like I was being let in on a secret… Berkeley is magical in the morning.  Who would have thought?!   Now, I know I said the same sort of thing about walking to the start line of the SF marathon, so I think it might just be how I feel about being awake for sunrise. 


The bay was so calm and wonderful at 6:30am.  It was the best run I’ve been on in quite a while, which was especially exciting considering how bad my last run was.

I even saw a guy doing a pretty extreme early morning brick workout.  He was in a full wetsuit coming out of the bay the first time I saw him, and then he was on his bike (still in the wetsuit) later down the path.  CRAZY! 


I know that I would really love to be a morning runner, I just love sleeping so much!  How can I make myself remember how much I liked this feeling when I am warm under the covers? 

I even surprised myself: my goal of getting in a few easy miles turned into an 8 mile run at sunrise!  I might sound like a broken record now, but it really was just so amazing.  Would it be too ambitious of me to plan on another morning run tomorrow?

Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening runner?  Have you given the other timeslots a fair chance? 

I have almost always gone running in the morning on vacations, and I love it then, but it seems so much harder to wake up before work or school in real life. 


2 Comments on “A morning runner?”

  1. Kevin Kwiecien says:

    As “the kids” say it these days, “I know, right!!” It’s 6:00a.m. and I’m heading out the door for a quick 10k.

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