Berkeley to Boston: Day 2

Day 2 (August 16, 2011): drive from Reno, NV to Salt Lake City, UT

We woke up this morning in Noonie’s house in Reno.  It is crazy to wake up in one place and know that you will be going to bed in another. every. night.

We started out with breakfast at Josef’s Bakery, which was my family’s favorite breakfast spot when we lived in Reno.  Brendan and I shared a bear claw.  So good.  And I had a caramel latte and eggs benedict add avocado!! YUM.  It was really great to sit and spend time with Noonie.  After we took Noonie back to her house and said our goodbyes, Brendan and I went miniature golfing at a super big awesome small business mini golf place in Reno that I have always loved. 


I won.  In case you were wondering. 

Next we headed to Target to get a small thank you gift for my cute cousins who had us over for a fun night of good food and games yesterday.  We gave them a free game of mini golf and some pictures that I printed off from last night.  After dropping that off at their house, we set our GPS on Salt Lake City. 

The roads through the desert in Nevada had a ton of construction that kept us stuck in one lane traffic behind these guys…


Charming, right?! 

We survived on homemade granola bars and chips that my aunt gave us until it was dinner time on the Nevada-Utah border.


We went to this SUPER cheap Mexican restaurant in a trailer.  Yep.


If you think this looks even slightly questionable, you are glad you didn’t see the inside.  The food was fine.  We were really hungry at that point.  It was cool because we were right outside the Bonneville Speedway, and they were having some big racing event, so all of the other customers in the restaurant were talking about their 200+ mph races they had today.  Crazy.  It looked like it had snowed on all of their cars and in the parking lot because the salt from the speedway was everywhere.. like in this parking spot. 


Unfortunately it was too dark after dinner, so we couldn’t see the salt when we were driving by it.  We could see the reflection bouncing off of it.  We drove in a super straight line on SUPER flat land for a really long time.  It was SOOOOO dark, and there was literally just nothing out there.  We pulled off at some random no name exit, turned off our lights, and checked out the stars and the moon.  It was seriously amazing.

Honestly, we spent A LOT of time in the car today in the middle of the desert.  It sounds like a pretty boring day, but I literally was brought to tears multiple times today just thinking about how there is nobody else I would rather spend such a seemingly boring day with.  We had such a great time just being together.  I think I would do it again tomorrow.  But I won’t.


2 Comments on “Berkeley to Boston: Day 2”

  1. Alex says:

    Nice! Glad you are taking the time to enjoy the good stuff — those little moments for stars and vastness and reflection…

    • Thanks! We definitely want to see things. I was pretty bummed when we passed through Utah after dark. We’ve decided to not let that happen again. No more driving through new places at night because we want to see everything. We really did pull off onto some crazy middle-of-the-desert street to just experience the complete darkness. Next stop is Yellowstone!

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