Berkeley to Boston: Day 3 (Salt Lake)

Day 3 (August 17, 2011): drive from Salt Lake City, UT to Yellowstone National Park

We started our day off today with a nice workout in the hotel gym.  It was tiny, but we were the only ones using it, and it had pretty nice equipment.  Then we took advantage of our hotel’s complimentary continental breakfast.  It was pretty good.  I had slow cooked oatmeal with brown sugar, peanut butter, and raisins with a side of fruit salad which is pretty much my usual breakfast at home, so I was all set.  Then we headed to the downtown area of Salt Lake City where the temple is.


It definitely felt a little cult-like with all of the visitor center workers trying to take us on a tour, and the visitor centers were full of religious doctrine, but it was really informative and interesting.  There were a few  things that really caught my attention:

1) The Mormon Temple is NOT like a cathedral.  There are several rooms that are standard in all temples and none of them are for big church services.  There were different themed rooms for different topics, like Adam and Eve.

2) The inside of the temple, which we saw on a video since we aren’t allowed inside, was built and furnished with really detailed victorian-like style.  The walls have gold trim and the furniture is of the type “suited for the house of God.” There is a ton of money in that place.

3) I looked and felt out of place.  Most of the people there were wearing long skirts and capped sleeve shirts or dresses… more traditional Mormon dress.  It really stood out since EVERYONE was dressed like that, even though wearing a conservative outfit like that would/does not catch my attention back home.  There was a wedding “sealing” going on in a glass room outside, and the wedding guests were all gathered outside, so Brendan and I tried to stay back and not intrude.

4) The entire area was so well-kept.  There were beautiful water features and flowers everywhere.  It really was pretty stunning.  I was also surprised how many different buildings there were in the square: a library of LDS, a convention center, tabernacle (where the choir and organ perform), a memorial house for Joseph Smith, and a smaller chapel-like building (that we were allowed to go in).



Before heading out of town we had lunch at this super cute Italian café that we just happened to park by.  They had a ton of local awards, and it was really popular!  The best part was this enormous covered patio area where we sat outside.


Off to Yellowstone!


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