Berkeley to Boston: Day 3 (Yellowstone)

Day 3 (August 17, 2011): drive from Salt Lake City, UT to Yellowstone National Park

We really did thoroughly enjoy our drive through Teton National Park and through the Southwest end of Yellowstone…





but it was such a pain to get to our campsite late at night… having not eaten dinner!  We checked into our campsite after dark and headed into West Yellowstone (town outside the park) to try to find dinner.  Luckily, there was a diner open, so we shared a burger, a chicken sandwich, chili-cheese fries and onion rings!  Can you tell we were beyond hungry at that point? 

The good part?  Thanks to Marc and Alex, we have super awesome camping gear, and our tent literally goes up in about 2 minutes.  It was even easy in the dark!!

Can’t wait to explore the park in the light! 


2 Comments on “Berkeley to Boston: Day 3 (Yellowstone)”

  1. Ermanno Olmi says:

    So, a woman was hiking in Yellowstone Park and when a grizzly bear started to chase her. She ran to a ranger station where she was arrested by Park Rangers because it’s illegal to run in a National Park with a bear behind . . .

    • Oh my… I was so afraid of bears both both nights while we were camping. I did a 360 with the flashlight every few minutes while we were roasting marshmallows just to be sure… Thanks for reading!!

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