Berkeley to Boston: Day 4 (YNP Geothermal)

Day 4 (August 18, 2011): Madison Campground to Canyon Campground, Yellowstone

Today was a nice break from the long drives.  We decided to stay in Yellowstone for two nights with our awesome camping gear.  We stayed the first night in Madison campground, which is on the West side VERY close to Old Faithful and some of the more popular geothermal features in the park.  The downside to this campsite is that they don’t have showers.  Apparently we were like the honey badger (we don’t give a ****), so we didn’t even change our clothes!  Yep, these wonderful outfits can also be seen in Salt Lake City and during our arrival in Yellowstone.

Our first stop was a collection of various geothermal features, including…

The bacterial mat…


It uses photosynthesis and  grows around the warm geothermal features.  Then there were the bubbling sulfurous mud pits that smell BAD…


And geysers…


Here are creeks flowing out of this AWESOME tie-dye pool, or “prismatic spring”, and into the river.


And below, this is the prismatic spring.  It is like a small lake, blue in the middle, with the edges changing color from the different kinds of micro-organisms that live at each temperature and water level…  Brendan wore his Google clown shirt to match all of the colors… great.



Our trip also included the obligatory trip to Old Faithful.  They predict when it will next blow, so there is a huge crowd of people each time.  It reminded me of people gathering for a Disney parade or show.


We randomly pulled off the road later in the day to see some more cool geysers.  We were just playing around, taking pictures of this cone-shaped geyser…


When it started going off!!


It was really cool because we were literally there with just a couple other people…


Stay tuned for my next post from Day 4 when we went searching for some waterfalls we had seen on a postcard… and happened upon some wildlife!

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