Berkeley to Boston: Day 4 (YNP Waterfalls)

Day 4 (August 18, 2011): Madison Campground to Canyon Campground, Yellowstone

After seeing a crazy amount of geothermal features, we ventured into the Old Faithful Inn for lunch and postcard shopping.  We saw some postcards with gorgeous waterfalls that were actually really close, so we went searching for our own perfect postcard photo. 


I loved how there were so many places to pull off the road in Yellowstone, so you could literally choose to look around wherever you wanted. 


And there are secrets to be found behind every bend in the river…


I got pretty good at setting up self-timer pictures on jagged rocks…


Below is a shot from where we parked the car for the next falls…


And we climbed down there… I won’t show you the route we took because my mom reads this blog.  I didn’t feel unsafe, but when we went to the next stop a guy who had also been at this waterfall told me he was glad to see I had made it.  He also called me a brave soul.  OOPS!  I swear he was just an old baby because I do not do things that make me the least bit uncomfortable, but it did make me think twice about the paths I was choosing. 


We kind of had an audience while we were down there because there were a lot of people up at the road looking down.  Unfortunately, they probably saw me pee my pants (literally) while I was struggling to set up a self-timer shot right on the edge of the waterfall while I had to go… BAD idea.  My shorts are actually wet in the picture below…  Brendan has decided that it may be illegal for us to be in a relationship, since I am still a small child. 


This called for a midday outfit change.  If you are keeping track of the number of times I have peed my pants on this trip… this is #1.  I think this is my favorite solo shot from Yellowstone…


If I hadn’t already, I might have peed my pants when this guy was 4 feet from my door as we pulled over…


The picture below has not been cropped or zoomed.  This is the picture from the car.


But still the picture just does not do it justice.  This buffalo was HUGE.  Its eyes are so big and calm and BEAUTIFUL.  It is at once ferocious and really peaceful.  Of course, the posters in the bathroom warned me that buffalo would gore me to death because they can weigh 2000 lbs. and run 30mph. 


This beast just kept on walking along the road as cars continued to pull over, stop, or slow down to get a glimpse of the amazing giant.  It was SO COOL. 

We continued our drive across the park to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone where we had our second campsite reservation.  Stay tuned for CRAZY waterfall pictures on Day 5 and a few more close encounters with buffalo!

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