Berkeley to Boston: Day 8 (Midwest)

Day 8 (August 22, 2011): Minneapolis, MN to Madison, WI

Today we took a sort of break from our constant tourism; we just decided to have a normal-ish day.  We were planning to go to Noah’s Ark, which is the biggest waterpark in the US, but then our plans got a little messed up when we discovered how comfortable our hotel bed was in Minneapolis. 

So we got a little lazy… It was weird because I even thought to  myself that I should come up with something more interesting to do because I need something for the blog, but that is not how I want to feel about this blog.  I do not want to shape my life into what I want to blog about.  I want to blog about my life…

Before we went to sleep in Minneapolis, we went to the gym in our hotel because it was like a full-size really nice gym and we get kinda giddy about things like that!  Then we went for a walk in an urban park that was right by our hotel.  I had wanted to go to a sculpture garden that was in the park, maintained by the nearby art museum, but when we got there it was too creepy.  It looked like there were people down every path just standing still and waiting for us.  I knew it was time to go when Brendan was startled when I said something loud.  If Brendan’s uncomfortable, you know I’m running!

As I said, we decided to skip the water park in favor of more sleep, and then we went looking for “Uptown Minneapolis” so that we could find a trendy place to have lunch.  Well, EUREKA!  We found one… We went to this place called Tao for Organic deliciousness! 


Thank goodness we have come far enough across the US to find veggies again!  I had organic greens, onions, cucumbers, sprouts, black beans, avocado, hummus with balsamic, and goddess dressing!!!!


I was really starting to feel like I was dying of nutrient deficiency from being in the Midwest!  Then we hit the road again for Madison, Wisconsin. 


FARMLAND!  We ended up going to Olive Garden for dinner because Brendan thought he remembered it being amazing… hmm… It was good. 

Honestly, that’s about it for this portion of the Midwest…


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