Hood to Coast 2011

Team 1213 “Quick & Shameless” Van #2


Captain Mom




Me and my baby brother


The Lineup!


Our first exchange!  Van 1’s Maryanne to Van 2’s Johanna…


Emily checking in on Jahanna on her first leg


Exchange: Johanna to Emily


Johanna recovers and beautifies immediately in time to ice Emily!


Emily to Mom


Braedon ices mom in the 96 degree weather…


Hot horrible view of my leg of the Springwater Trail


Braed rocks it… even in the heat!  Too fast for my camera to focus, apparently.


Braed runs us into Portland to pass it on to Van 1 again


We ran our second leg in the middle of the night.  It was much cooler… and better.  But then, for the first time in my experience with H2C, the race organizers really messed up and there was so much congestion that we never got to stop the car to go to sleep.  My mom drove us through all of Van #1’s exchanges at the same speed (almost) as our runner in Van 1 because traffic was so bad.  I heard one guy say they clocked it as 22 miles in 4 hours of driving.  WHAT!  So here she is… the woman that never slept… before our 3rd leg.


Less sleep = goofier Kaetlin and Braedon


Johanna finishes her last leg of her first H2C at top speed, flying through the air!


Mom runs her last leg: 8 miles of rolling hills.


If you want your team to take pictures of you…give them your camera.  Here I am before my last exchange with Hannah…


My last leg: 8 miles of hills + peeing on the side of the road ( not behind the bushes).  Yes, that guy in the yellow saw my butt.


Trying to tell the team I want another bottle of water… Braed takes a pic of my desperate face…


Braed runs his last leg down the hills and through Seaside to the beach…


We WON made it to Seaside! What a CRAZY H2C we had this year.  My favorite part will always be the way all of the teams support each other on the final legs of the relay.  Every team pulls over and offers water, spray bottle sprays, water gun cool-downs, candy, music, and support to all of the runners… not just their own teammates.  It makes me so happy.  I was telling Braedon that I might prefer races over relays because you get to run with your friends.  But when 5/6s of the runners are supporting the other 1/6 who is currently running, you get a crazy loving, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere that you won’t get in a regular road race… ever!


6 Comments on “Hood to Coast 2011”

  1. Alex says:

    Wow! Road- tripus interruptus! For a fun time, though! Sounds like you had a great time. You mom looks fantastic with no sleep! Now back to your new life in Bean-town, young lady!

    • Yep! I couldn’t even believe it when I drove for 8 hours, sat in my new apartment for an hour, and then got on a plane to Portland for 5 hours… all to run on no sleep for the next 30+ hours!! It was really fun! I’m heading back to Boston on Friday. Brendan was on our Hood to Coast team originally, but orientation at Harvard started the same day!!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Emily says:

    I am so proud to be apart of the team, thanks for the awesome footage Kate! So glad I finally made it onto your super cool blog. It was a pleasure running with you, sweating with you(or maybe that was just me?), handing out gummie bears with you, having bodily function problems with you(oh maybe that was just me again?), singing/yelling at people with you, gettin down with you, walkie talkie pranking with you (noshee noshee?), looking at the milky way galaxy with you, and not getting any sleep with you-oh wait, that was just your maaaaaaa. Good times my friend! Go Team!

  3. Johanna Talus says:

    Holy guacamole (and jalapeno and burrito 😉 ) what an adventure! Thanks for posting all of this. Fun to reflect on all of the insanity. You guys were the best teammates ever; it felt like one big, stinky, happy, GI-dysfunctional family. The camaraderie was unmatched! BTW- I was reading my book last night and the Japanese assistant’s name is Toshi!!! I laughed out loud. Thanks for all of the great memories. SO proud of everyone. Take care and Cheers to us!
    Xo- “I want candy” aka Fluffy

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