Dinner time!

I don’t post the food I eat on my blog like a lot of healthy living and running bloggers do because it would be an unhealthy habit for me, personally.  I don’t have a problem with other people doing it.  There are some that I feel like I can read without feeling triggered, but there are other blogs that I choose not to read altogether because something about them gets me thinking about food toooo much.  Not good for me. 

However, I am going to post what Brendan and I make for dinner sometimes, even when it is not very interesting or involved.  This is going to serve as a resource for me when I am planning rushed weeknight dinners in the future, or before I head to the grocery store.  I hope that it may also serve as a resource for some of you as you battle the back-to-school craziness of fall when there is suddenly not even enough time to eat dinner!!

If you don’t care what I eat for dinner and you hate me, don’t read these posts.  If you think this might be useful or interesting to you, I will tag all of the dinner posts with the word “dinner” and you can find a list of the dinners I post by clicking on “dinner” in the tag cloud on my homepage.  Comment if that doesn’t make sense. 

Tonight Brendan and I teamed up to make risotto and caesar salad.  I love making risotto because I feel like once you make it the first time, you never really need a recipe except for the ratio of rice to liquid.  There are often a lot of extra steps in risotto recipes that may add subtle flavors, but I find they are really unnecessary for the average weeknight creamy risotto. 

Simplified Risotto (for 2-4 people, we usually have 1-2 servings of leftovers)

I think it takes 30 minutes for the whole process.  We poached the chicken while the risotto was cooking and just added it in. 


a few tablespoons olive oil

one yellow onion (coarsely chopped)

extra ingredients: artichoke hearts, mushrooms, chicken, sausage, spinach, tomatoes, etc.

one 32 oz. container chicken broth (or veggie)

1 1/2 cups arborio rice


(I used chicken that Brendan had poached and chopped and a can of artichoke hearts)


Pour all of the chicken broth into a saucepan over medium heat.

Put the olive oil in another pot over medium heat and sauté the onions and whatever other ingredients you have chosen to add to your risotto.  Honestly, you can’t really mess it up, so add whatever you think you like in your risotto.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add the rice and mix it around, allowing the  rice to toast slightly and become more translucent. 

Add 1 cup of the (still on the stove heating) chicken broth and let cook/stir occasionally until that is absorbed.  Repeat this process until you are out of chicken broth.  The 1 cup measurement doesn’t really matter, but you should add the chicken broth in small amounts (about 4 times), allowing the rice to absorb the broth each time before you add more. 

You should continue to stir to avoid burning/sticking. 

When the last of your chicken broth is absorbed turn the stove down to low and cover the risotto for a few minutes.  I like to sprinkle some parmesan on top at this point so that it melts a nice layer across the top while the lid is on!! 

Serve with parmesan and some good bread.  We also had a salad. 

This is definitely on my go-to list for dinner because it is so easy to always have arborio rice and chicken broth around, and then I can just add whatever is in the fridge…

Shout out to Braedon who ran his first high school cross country race today!! Yay!!


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