If I could be someone else…

I get a little obsessed with like one thing a month… I’ve been a little obsessed with work tops and shoes for the last few months because I was really stressed about having enough clothes for work.  Now I’m out of money, and I just feel like if I don’t have a new outfit every day and that bothers someone, they can pay me more. 

Now… I have been a little obsessed with this top in the Athleta catalogue for the last few weeks and I was trying to describe it to my mom.  “Bandana print over the boobs” just wasn’t doing it justice, and I knew it.  How could you not love this shirt… and then hate it… because it is $50!!


Click on the pic to see more from Athleta…

All I need is some spray tan, an eyebrow wax, lots of makeup, some blonde highlights, some hair extensions, a red headband (this, I can do), and a kick-ass arm workout!! 

PS… this is a joke and I do not want to be anybody else.  It is an unhealthy habit to pick and choose parts of models that you wish you had.  They are often not real pictures.  Maybe her legs are super fug… more fug than yours… just saying! 

However, I do really like that top, and I might aspire to be more put together on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, I checked, and her legs aren’t very fug…  curse you, mountain runner!


This blue top is cute too, and more appropriate for the coming weather… it’s $70! wtf



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