Ice cream in Cambridge

Once again I realize that I have not written about a single run I’ve been on in Cambridge, but here I am writing about ice cream again.  Oops!  I did go on a few nice runs this week while the weather was temporarily Portland-like (not current Portland, but normal Portland); that is… nice and rainy!  It was really beautiful on the Charles River in the rain.  I went out around after school time, so there were a ton of cross country and crew teams out by the river.  Nothing makes you feel old and slow like a bunch of college and high school athletes running 7 minute miles in circles around you!  But really, the run was great.  I brought my camera, but I really regretted it when I got too hot to wear my rain jacket, so my camera was just bouncing away on my rear in the pocket tied around my waist.  So… I didn’t really take pictures on my run.  I did take a few, but the light was awful. 

I did take pictures of the TWO ice cream places we’ve been to in the past few days!!! 

For now I’ll just tell you about the one we went to today… J.P. Licks.


We went for a walk through the Harvard campus, and just when we were walking off campus I spotted the cow…

It is super cute inside with grass on the wall, bright chalkboards for all the menus, LOTS of options…


My picture sucks, ok!! Get over it… They have tons of coffee options, ice cream, cakes, yogurt, sundaes…

I got a swirl of the oatmeal and cinnamon latte frozen yogurts in a pretzel cone!


The pretzel cone really was just a hard pretzel with salt shaped like a cone.  It was actually disappointing… I never say this, but it was just too salty for me.  And the pretzel option costs almost $2 more, so I’ll just get plain next time.  The yogurt was AWESOME!!

Brendan got a waffle cone dipped in white chocolate with oreo cake batter ice cream.  He also loved the ice cream, but will pass on the fancy expensive cone next time. 

We are already pumped to go back, and pumped to take all of our out of town guests when they come! 

Finally, we walked home and decided we needed some more nutrients for dinner, so we went to the store to get stuff for an Italian chopped salad.  Quick and easy.

In the mix:

Romaine lettuce

Chopped tomato

Chopped bell pepper

Chopped salami

Shredded mozzarella

Garbanzo beans


Italian dressing

We also had some wheat dinner rolls that were left over in the fridge from dinner this week.  It was an easy dinner that we will definitely be repeating soon since we have all of the extra salami in the fridge now!

4 Comments on “Ice cream in Cambridge”

  1. Alex says:

    Ahhhhh! The essentials — ice cream and salami! Makes Marc want to come visit soon!

  2. Welcome to the Boston area! I stumbled upon your blog searching for Boston tags and love it. I remember when I first moved to Boston how excited I was – it’s a great place to live 🙂

    Also, JP Licks is AMAZING. An FYI for your next visit – the milkshakes are almost better than the ice cream. I usually get a mocha one even though it’s not listed on the menu!


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