The grand tour!

Can you have a grand tour of a studio apartment?  I say yes, so here it is!

The kitchen…



The living room!  We have already used this space so much.  Even though it is in the same room as our bed, it feels sooooo separate.  It is so nice to have a space to hang out and watch shows on the big screen!


You can see our bed in the bottom right corner.  The kitchen is just behind the blue chair.  I LOVE that we have a corner unit with so many windows!

The bathroom… is not in the same room… lol


Our bedroom…


The middle door on the right is our front door.  The two other doors are closets.

The entryway…


and… my closet!


When I arrived in Boston, Brendan had already designated the closet as mine!  In return, he gets all the storage space that comes with the bed… not much… but it’s nice to have our own spaces. 

Come visit!!


4 Comments on “The grand tour!”

  1. Alex says:

    Looks elegant, modern, and clutter-free! Definitely thinking about a visit soon. How does mid-November look for y’all?

  2. hilary says:

    Kaetlin, it’s soooo the two of you. love it.

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