Running on the Charles

The first time I went running in Cambridge, I went through the neighborhoods to Harvard and back.  The next time, I ran down to the Charles River to run on the paths and trails that go for miles and miles along the river.  So far, I can’t imagine not going down to the river on every run.  It is so incredible down there.  There really is a running/biking path on both sides of the river for miles, and all of the bridges I’ve seen are pedestrian friendly.  No Bay Bridge here! 

My favorite part is the sense of community that I feel when I’m down there because I am surrounded by people walking, jogging, running, and biking… oh, and rowing!


Kind of a stunning shot if I do say so myself!  I finally was motivated enough to carry my camera on my run through the humidity last night.  We got off work earlier, so I had time to chill out and cool off before heading back out for a quick 3.6.  


Next time, I’ll have to run on the other side of the curve of the river, so I can take some pictures of the amazing city along the river.  I think it is really cool, though, that I can be so close to the city (just a couple miles) and not see it at all because the river curves right around Cambridge.  If I go down one street away from my house, I come out to the river straight toward downtown.  If I go the other way, I see this…


When I went running the other day, I noticed that the bridges are super low to the water!! See above.  I wondered if people ever jump off of them, and whether the water is very deep… then I saw this happening…


Just when I was coming across one of the bridges a bunch of guys were jumping off!  It looked so refreshing, but I would never… I’m way afraid of things like that.  If there isn’t a sign saying I should do it, I mostly don’t. 


I also ran past this beautiful building!  That, my friends, is the Harvard Business School (HBS)!!!  So gorgeous.  So tempting… It also looks SUPER cool at night!  The business school is across the river from where Brendan goes to school, but I think we should take a peek some day…

I’m excited for long runs in my future because there is so much river to be explored! 

One Comment on “Running on the Charles”

  1. Alex says:

    Totally jealous! a) able to do medium & long runs without foot pain, b) proximity to the gorgeous river, c) new everything to explore in this new phase of living! So glad to hear you are taking full advantage! Enjoy!

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