My new life…

will be busy

includes less running

will be fun

includes long walks into the city to go shopping!


I bought a bunch of new clothes for work this weekend.  It is a lot easier now that I’ve been to the office and seen the level of formality I’m dealing with.  It’s not as high as I was expecting, but I think I will still dress on the nicer side because I feel more confident that way. 

We went to my favorite “real fast food” place in Boston for lunch: b. good. 


Yum!  I had the veggie burger with avocado and fresh baked sweet potato fries! 

Skip to dinner!  Brendan made cornmeal-crusted tilapia with mango-cilantro salsa!  and I made some quinoa and steamed broccoli slaw to go with it.  It was great and super quick and easy!  The fish was from the frozen section at Trader Joe’s. 


I couldn’t get over how quick and easy this dinner was!

I’m off to catch a flight to Texas for National Training!  I’ll be there for a week.  I might blog, but I’m not allowed to take pictures there, so what’s the point!?  I will definitely be running and taking advantage of their super fancy gym and group exercise programs.  I’ve heard you can rent bikes for free to go exploring off campus, too.  I’ll let you k now how it goes! 


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