I have something to say, too!

The internet is redundant.  People feel entitled to add in their 2 cents about everything that other people are chatting about.  When I say people, I mean too many people.  This week the interwebs are FULL of thoughts and comments about Steve Jobs and the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I’m not really sick of hearing about either one of them… maybe you are, but this is my little blank slate and I have something to say, too!!  So… here is a journal entry I wrote this week kind of randomly when I was upset about the passing of Steve Jobs.  It’s a little bit cliché, but I think this is a case where the sentiment is a cliché for a reason.  We hear it a lot, but act on it too little…

Reading all of the articles, commentaries, and tributes to Steve Jobs got me pretty choked up.  Honestly, that isn’t saying a lot because most sad things can make me pretty emotional (think movies, books, radio, random sad stories).  I sat for a long time thinking about Steve’s death and what it really meant to me.  Two big ideas really stood out:

1.  You can be ridiculously smart, successful, happy, and in love.  You can live a really “successful” life in the eyes of society.  It’s not my place to say, obviously, but the guy seemed pretty happy and excited about life and what he was contributing.  You can have all of that!  But you are still going to die.  I am still going to die.  It isn’t just the bad guys, the sick babies, the big mistakes, or the old people that have lived long full lives.  It is everyone.  So wake up and live.

2.  Perhaps there has never been a person that died having done so many crazy amazing things, but I have just never heard so many amazing inspiring things said about one person.  I think in Obama’s comment he said that people would be remembered and admired for any one thing that Steve did, but he did them ALL!  When I was reading all of the comments and seeing all of the photos of the tributes to him, I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if Steve could read all of them.  I don’t know what happens when we die, but let’s assume the worst and say that Steve didn’t get to see the world’s reaction to his death.  What a shame.  What a shame that we wait to tell people how much they mean to us until they are gone.  Really.

Please feel free to share your thoughts… not necessarily about Apple or Steve Jobs, since that’s not really what I was talking about either…

One Comment on “I have something to say, too!”

  1. Alex Liverman says:

    Yes! It’s really good to reflect on death and take some profound lesson from it into your living. Thanks for the reminder to speak gratitude out loud to those you encounter before the moment is lost. I am very grateful to know you, Kaetlin. I look forward to sharing some more thoughts of gratitude and appreciation with you and Brendan in person next month.

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