It is beginning to look a lot like…

Hell?  Christmas? Not Halloween?  Whatever it is, I’m having a hard time being okay with it… Everyone keeps telling me that a snowstorm isn’t actually normal weather for October in the Northeast.  Guess what?  I don’t care what’s normal… I care what is happening now… I’m just wondering if we are going to skip right over the rest of fall, or if it will be wonderful and beautiful fall again next weekend.  Either way, I decided that I needed to wake up and get ready for the winter!

It was so cold every morning I woke up this morning that I only got up to go running before work on one day, as opposed to the three days I had gone the past few weeks.  Boo.  Plus, it was too dark to go after work, and I hadn’t gotten a gym membership yet.  It was still okay because I was still able to walk to work, which makes me at least feel like my butt isn’t becoming permanently attached to the office chair.  But on Thursday night it snow/slushed, and I decided enough was enough.  I filled the hybrid with gas and took her to work on Friday morning.  So, what’s next?

It stopped snowing and started raining and just being ridiculously cold, so I decided I really just needed a gym membership.  Check!  Brendan and I went today, and I signed right up!  I’m pretty excited because they have BodyPump classes, which I HEART! 

On Friday night I bought a parka online from LLBean. 


I’m trying to figure out which snow boots I should get.  I’m thinking I won’t get the furry ones now because that would just be too much with the hood on that coat (although the faux fur is removable).  But these were the boots I was planning on getting before I moved here… 



Now I;m thinking I might get some more simple snow boots from LLBean because my coat will come with a $10 gift card.  Any suggestions?  I haven’t owned snow boots in YEARS!  Now, If you all think I am just crazy overreacting… I kinda am… but I also just want to be ready so that I don’t HATE my life here.  There is snow on the ground right now!!!


Feels like 22…. EEW!! I really want to go running tomorrow if the roads clear up enough to make me think people aren’t going to splash/drench me when they drive by with dirty slush.  It will be at least 10 degrees warmer tomorrow!! Great… Otherwise, I will have my first workout of the season in the gym. 

PS… It seems we like apples more than I thought because it has not been hard to eat the apples we picked.  I have been cooking them in oatmeal and eating them raw for snacks… plus, I made wonderful cinnamon apple pancakes that I will show you soon! 

One Comment on “It is beginning to look a lot like…”

  1. Alex says:

    So are you planning to go out in the country side and run in your snow boots? I have a hard time imagining that you will need snow boots in Boston. You will have to search hard for piles of snow plowed to the side of the road for you to go out of your way over to and step in. C’mon, embrace the NE, autumn in spritzes leading up to a whitish winter where you make shapes with your breath and have lovely ruddy cheeks when you come inside from building a snowman and then snuggle down with hot chocolate or cider and do crafts by the fire! See you soon! mwa.

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