Addicted to races

Every few days after I go for an especially good (or bad or average) run, I get all antsy and dying to sign up for a race.  But then I look up all the upcoming races, and I remember that it is about to be freezing here.  So then I forget about it for a couple days until I remember that there are other places… and destination races are the BEST THING EVER!!!  But then I remember I don’t really have that kind of money… or friends… hmm.  So nvm again for a couple days. 

I just read SkinnyRunner’s race recap of the NYCM and I am DYING to do it.  OMG it just sounds so amazing and so entertaining.  Go read it now!!  Plus, I am just super jealous of everything marathon training related because I listen to my mom’s training updates every week.  Go Mom! 

I ran 8 miles last weekend and I was pretty impressed with myself… mostly for deciding that I wanted to do that just for the heck of it even though it was super dee duper freezing outside.  But also for doing it since my mileage has been pretty low.  But it is fun to just play around with what feels good for now. 

My point here is that I am looking for a race to sign up for.  I was thinking about the new rock n’ roll in DC in March.  But it’s during spring break and Brendan thinks it’s a lame spring break trip.  Whatevs… I’m trying to come up with a race and place I really want to go to.  I guess I might as well start local, though, since every race over here will be new to me.  The big race vibe really got me excited about New York because I just really am ADDICTED to the positive energy at big races. 

So that’s what’s up.  Any good race recommendations?  I’m thinking half or full.  Go big or go home.  My work will pay for half of the entry fee, so rock n’ rolls aren’t completely out of the question!  Until then I’ll be fitting in as many runs as possible while the weather is nice! 


2 Comments on “Addicted to races”

  1. Marni says:

    My friends have an interest in New Orleans. I was a crab about it because my rear hurts and it sounds humid and I don’t drink, but….maybe.

  2. Aje says:

    Come back to the West Coast! I’m doing a half in Davis with my mom in Feb. You’ll have a place to stay and a body to cuddle with 🙂

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