Wait… I have a blog?

I think about you all the time.  Then I think, “no, I can’t write a post because I might not be able to blog consistently.” So then I never write.  But it always creeps up on me… do I want to write a post?  Well, the answer is yes! Duh… I’m not saying I’m going to be all consistent.  In fact, I’m saying I won’t be consistent at all, but I am trying to overcome this all-or-nothing personality problem and get the F over it.  So here I am 1,000,000 months later.  Don’t ask where I’ve been… audit hell… dun dun dun… JK I like my job fine and it is far far from Hell.  Believe me!! I’ve seen where my parents work!!! bahaha. But I am not going to talk about work today… because I don’t want to. I am also not going to talk about running today… but you know that will come soon enough.  I know you aren’t worried.

Brendan says that writing “…” means I am a lazy writer because I can’t link two sentences/ideas together with transitions.  Guess what?!  I am a lazy writer!!!  Guess what else!? Brendan and I just got back from the Dominican Republic, and I used my camera for the first time since my last post.  Oh wait.  I didn’t take any pictured for my bratty blog post asking for Christmas presents.

We went to a small boutique hotel about an hour from Puerto Plata, DR, the Palace at Playa Grande.  Brendan gave me this trip for Christmas!! We didn’t take too many pictures because it was a private romantic getaway I didn’t wash my hair for the entire four-day trip, but here are some fun pics.

Look who we found in the garden!!  You can either think of this hotel as a really small hotel or a really HUGE house.  It’s both!  The super rich Indian guy who built it decided to use it as a hotel when he got bored of living there… yawn…


The view from the garden on our first day…


But seriously, the highlight of the week was the fact that I slipped a friend into my suitcase and snuck him on the plane!! SILKY!!!  Yes, I brought my blanket on the trip.  I told you this shit was romantic!!  Anyways… Brendan thought it was so funny that the hotel maid tried super hard to make silky look grownup and suitable in the hotel room every time they cleaned our room.

Attempt #1DSCN0813

Attempt #2


Wah wah… after that they just started folding it… I guess after they met me, they knew I really was a child.

Here I am on the balcony… nice hair… so clean.


And here is my only proof that Brendan came on this trip with me… his foot with his new best friend.


So pretty much, just wanted to say that I am still alive… and share these vacation pics with you.  I’m not holding out on you… I really didn’t take any more pictures.  Sorry!  This was my Christmas present, not yours.  Look forward to posts coming with a little more frequency… maybe.



4 Comments on “Wait… I have a blog?”

  1. Em says:

    I love your silky!!!!!!! and your swimsuit-nice! So glad you got a break from busy season. Miss you guys

  2. Alex says:

    Yea! She’s back! I’ve missed your witty posts and seeing what you’re up to. And I think that “…” is poetic (which is MY reason for using it ALL the time!). Looking forward to seeing you virtually whenever you get around to it… no pressure!

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