Business travel… so sophisticated

I’m home from a week on the road in Wilmington, Delaware.  I know, I was wondering why I was traveling to this random place, too.  Turns out a lot of trusts are based in Delaware for the same reason that most companies are incorporated there… for better tax treatment…. and I was auditing a trust for the week.  No, I don’t always have the snore-tastically boring job of auditing a trust, but that is what I have been doing for the past few weeks. 


Bahaha… this sign was in the alehouse we went to almost every night because it was right next to our hotel.  About that… we went there sooo much.  We went drinking so much.  What the heck.  I didn’t realize people really do drink a lot.  Needless to say, I had quite a few sodas with a splash of cranberry juice, and I looked and felt significantly better than my colleagues every morning.  I also had a lot more room in my per diem budget for cupcakes!! 

Honestly, the real point of this post is that I wanted to share my excitement: I LOVE expensing my food on a business trip.  It makes me a little giddy every time I hand over the corporate AmEx for my latte.  And it’s a good thing I like it so much because I am going to be spending a good portion of May through September in NYC.  Yep, I will be working in Brooklyn, NY this summer and probably rotating hotels across the city over the summer, so I can get a taste of a few different areas.  I am pumped to be expensing my food in such a fantastic food city.  Such an expensive foodie city.  I will also be expensing a hotel room, so if you are interested in staying in NY with me for a week this summer please reach out to me to see about dates, details, etc.  Brendan will be staying with me for two weeks in May before he starts his summer job. 

The work I’ll be doing is totally different from my normal job.  It’s a huge financial job we’ve been hired to do, and the NY office asked the Boston office for some extra staff for the summer.  I volunteered because there probably isn’t another time in my life I will be so close to NY, have such flexibility in my personal life, and be so free to try new things at work (most auditors will be stuck in a single industry without much room for change by their second year).  My manager didn’t want to let me go, so I will be scheduled on my usual client in Cambridge on and off in the summer, as well. 

This short trip to Delaware, my short assignment on the trust, the opportunity in NY, and my lovely client in Cambridge are all making me feel pretty excited about my job right now and pretty optimistic about the future.  Please skip ahead if you are bothered by ridiculously nerdy comments: I really like public accounting!!!  (Please note that I am free to say the opposite tomorrow)

Coming up soon: I have a 20 mile training run tomorrow, a half marathon next weekend, and I will be spectating at the Boston Marathon the following weekend!!!!!!!!  Stay tuned.


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