Marathon Monday 2012… Epic!

Holy Moly!  I just switched roles and spectated at a marathon for the first time EVER… and not just any race! The mother of all marathons!  It was such a blast.  There were so many times today when I just had goose bumps and chills running up and down my body. 

The excitement spreading down the street as the circling helicopter gets closer and closer… the leaders are coming!!!!! OMG I was giddy… I thought I was going to just roll over and cry and laugh all at the same time… and guess what?  I didn’t even know who anyone was.  All the runners I follow are in the Olympics this year, so they didn’t run today.  But holy cow… it was so epic to see someone run past you… mile 23… so close… so fast… so inspiring…

I’ll stop word vomiting about my excitement and get to the pictures…

On Sunday, Julia and I jumped off the T at Copley to check out the freshly painted finish line…


Apparently, we weren’t the only ones…


The whole city gets so excited… even my favorite burrito joint…


We went to the expo to check out all the events… it was absolutely EPIC!  Desiree Davila (running on the US Olympic marathon team in London 2012) was at the expo talking about the course and giving tips for the hot weather conditions… DSCN0832

Everything was so inspiring today.  I was literally in love with every detail.  Every volunteer.  Every fan.  Every runner.  DSCN0834

I spent most of the day in Brookline with my friends, camped out at Mile marker 23…




And then the lead women were coming… !!!!  They ran a relatively slow race today because it was SO HOT and the race officials spent days warning runners that they should not plan to set records this year.  And then soon enough the lead men were there… SO EXCITING!  so fast… 




And then… Boom… tons of amazing athletes went zooming by… and then more and more and more…

and they were all SO AMAZING…DSCN0847


I’m so glad I shared this experience with someone who thought it was just as cool as I thought it was!  We are so pumped to run our marathons in just a few weeks… Hopefully it won’t be 80+ degrees!



6 Comments on “Marathon Monday 2012… Epic!”

  1. kwieciend says:

    WOW!!!! How cool to be there. Happy you had an opportunity to do that.


  2. kwieciend says:

    WOW!!!! How cool to be there. Glad you had the opportunity.

  3. Alex says:

    Wow! I can feel your energy coming out of my computer! Thanks for the vicarious goose bumps of my own… Keep having fun and finding inspiration everywhere.

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