So long, Boston. First stop – Philadelphia!

Brendan and I said goodbye to Boston after almost three years.  We arrived in Boston with a car stuffed with clothes, and we are leaving the same way.  We are heading back to the West coast with a law degree (Congrats to Brendan!), more work clothes, an engagement ring (!!!),  and more wrinkles!




As soon as they handed Brendan his diploma, we were out of Boston.  We loved our road trip from Berkeley to Boston through the Northern United States, so we decided to try it again – this time across the South!  Our first stop was about 5 hours South of Boston in Philadelphia.  A.Jay, my roommate and best friend from college, lives in Philadelphia now, so we stopped by to spend the day with her! 

IMG_0211 She and her boyfriend Dan took us on an AMAZING walking tour of Philadelphia.  I visited A.Jay for the Philadelphia marathon previously, so I knew we would be in for a treat.  A.Jay is such a foodie, and she made sure to take us to all of her favorite places.  She was also aware of her audience and made sure to get in a good mix of historical attractions for Brendan.

Here we are at the top of the “Rocky Steps” in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art…




We also went to Independence Hall, the liberty bell, etc.  The liberty bell isn’t very photogenic behind the glass wall… but the gift shop is.




A.Jay and Dan also treated us to an amazing dinner at Zahav, a super popular Israeli restaurant in Philadelphia.  It was AMAZING.  We ate approximately 40 different small plates, and they were literally all so unique and delicious.  We highly recommend it!

This morning on our way out we stopped at Spread Bagelry, which is a Montreal-style bagel shop where they boil and then wood-fire their bagels.  A.Jay took me there when I came to visit her before, and I knew I had to take Brendan there!


We had a poppy seed bagel with fresh berry cream cheese and an egg white, swiss, turkey bacon, spinach, truffle mushroom bagel sandwich on a whole wheat everything bagel… wow!  Can’t wait to come back to Philadelphia again, so I can eat with A.Jay more!

One Comment on “So long, Boston. First stop – Philadelphia!”

  1. Alex says:

    WooHoo! Glad you are back posting!Looking forward to the vicarious journey West with you… I’ve never seen you more relaxed and care-free! Enjoy!

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