Stop #2 – Richmond, Virginia

We left Philadelphia in the morning and headed South.  Signs that we were leaving the NE – Chick-fil-a billboards and state borders spread more than an hour apart!  I had to get used to being in Virginia for quite a while.  I kept myself entertained during my passenger time with the Waze app…

IMG_0221No tickets for us!  I liked using Waze a lot as a passenger, but I can’t imagine using it on unfamiliar roads as a driver.  It is like a real life video game.

I also saw this gem of a bumper sticker at a gas station stop… just a little reminder that this was originally a running blog!IMG_0222 We stopped near Monticello to have lunch at Which Wich, a make-your-own sandwich shop that I have always wanted to go to!  You can seriously get like a million ingredients, and your sandwich will still be neat and tidy!  Definitely go for the caramelized onions if you go there.

IMG_0223 We went to Monticello, the house that Thomas Jefferson designed and built, but we didn’t go to the actual house because we were short on time and it costs like a million dollars.  So we looked through the exhibits and walked around.  No pictures… boo.

Next we drove to Richmond and hit up Hollywood Cemetery before it closed.  It was gorgeous, and the weather was excellent.  Hollywood is considered the Arlington of the South.  There are three presidents and lots of confederate generals buried there.



Brendan took the experience very seriously.

IMG_0226 We checked into our hotel in Downtown Richmond and then headed to the shooting range, which is one of the things I was most excited and anxious about going into the trip.  My great grandpa had long old antique rifles in his closet when I was growing up, but otherwise I’ve never even really seen a gun.  Brendan was going to show me how to shoot a gun, which seemed fitting for a trip to Virginia, and I thought it was a cool idea…



We went in and watched the safety video and saw the guns available to rent, and I started to feel pretty uneasy.  Suddenly, everything felt really serious… which it should be.  But it got really real for me!  The guy brought two handguns out of the case for me to hold to see “which I preferred”. HA – neither?!  I picked one, and then we put on earmuffs and safety glasses before heading into the range.  IT WAS SO LOUD.  OMG.  I did not like it.  I was dealing with it ok… just jumpy… Brendan set everything up, and there was an employee there with us.  Then Brendan shot a bullet… and another… and tears streamed down my face.  It was the most shocking thing I have ever experienced.  I could not stop sobbing, so I left the range… no shooting for me this time.  Also, no after picture for the blog.  Those of you on snapchat know that my crying face picture outside the range is not exactly internet worthy.

So when Brendan was done, we headed back into Richmond to walk around.

Virginia State Capitol – IMG_0232

George Washington Statue –


Old Train Station at night –


It only gets more Southern from here!

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