Day 4 – Asheville, NC to Nashville, TN

I LOVE ASHEVILLE!  I knew I would like it before we came because it is a lot like Santa Cruz or Berkeley, but in a mountain setting – yoga, music, hippies, and lots of good food.  It was so easy to find a breakfast place that we would absolutely love.  We ended up going to a local cafe that had an emphasis on local and organic foods.  Then we headed about 45 minutes outside Asheville to Pisgah National Forest for a hike.  We hiked to John Rock in Pisgah National Forest.  We picked the hike based on blog posts I’d read from Peanut Butter Runner.  It was gorgeous.

The view from John Rock…





Mushrooms along the way…


A real rattle snake!! IMG_0269Playing near waterfalls on the way down…

IMG_0270 IMG_0271


IMG_0274 IMG_0275

Tiny tree frog… IMG_0276 We were hot, sweaty, and hungry for another good Asheville meal when we were done, so we headed back into town to Chai Pani.  This was another tip from Peanut Butter RunnerChai Pani is Indian street food with an emphasis on local ingredients.It was SO GOOD.  Their motto written on all of their shirts is Namaste Y’all, which I think pretty accurately describes the whole city! 

IMG_0280 Next we went to French Broad Chocolate Lounge, which is a SUPER popular dessert and coffee shop, which I also read about on Peanut Butter Runner.  We got a chocolate snickerdoodle and a slice of carrot cake.  They were both so good, and they had approximately 100 other things I wanted to try!


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Asheville and continue on the journey.  I really want to go back to Asheville for a weekend (or week) to go hiking and yoga-ing and eat at all of the amazing restaurants.  The next stop on our trip was Nashville, TN.  Unfortunately for us, our trip coincided exactly with the Country Music Festival and the Country Music Awards, so Nashville was CRAZY.  We walked down the street a couple blocks from our hotel and we were outside the arena where they were holding the awards live.  The streets were full of people with several concerts going on, and the awards were being played on huge screens in the streets.  It was definitely not our scene, but a really cool thing to witness.

IMG_0283 Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to experience the laid-back-live music everywhere culture I’ve heard so much about, but we did see a lot of cowboy boots and short shorts.


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