Day 5 – Nashville, TN to New Orleans, LA

The drive from Nashville to New Orleans was our longest so far – 7 hours or so, so after breakfast in Nashville we hit the road.  Tip – I found a great place in Nashville for breakfast and coffee called The Frothy Monkey.  Their menu for lunch, dinner, and dessert looked awesome as well… I had the California breakfast, which was sourdough toast with fried eggs, avocado, sprouts, and salsa.  Brendan had an egg white omelet that included kale, sausage, and avocado, and toast with homemade jam.  Go there!

On our drive, Brendan used Yelp to find lunch in Birmingham, AL.  We went to a taco truck in a gas station parking lot that is super popular.  People literally came there with chairs and filled the parking lot to eat there.  It was nice to have real Mexican food from Mexicans!  The tacos were amazing.  Plus, $10 for lunch for two is a pretty good deal.


We arrived in New Orleans just before dinner.  Our hotel was right on Bourbon Street, so it was exciting from the moment we pulled up.IMG_0291 We went to dinner on Royal Street, which runs parallel to Bourbon.  We went to Royal House and we sat on the balcony!  The balcony was tiny and slanted down, so I had a minor panic attack throughout dinner.  IMG_0293IMG_0295

We ordered redfish beignets as an appetizer…

IMG_0298 And we also got the shrimp and grits!! IMG_0299At the end of dinner, the waitress asked if we wanted another cocktail to go!   IMG_0300

We spent the evening wandering around the French Quarter.IMG_0301

  And then we went to the famous Cafe Du Monde, which I have wanted to go to since I was a little girl watching the Travel Channel. 


We got six beignets covered in powdered sugar!  They were piping hot, crispy on the outside and doughy and warm on the inside!IMG_0304I also found this great outfit at one of the nearby shops if anyone still needs an outfit for the Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon on the fourth!


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